Thursday, April 30, 2009

happy birthday.

Today is a very special person's birthday - Kristen.

Happy birthday to Kristen. I was going to write all the things that Kristen is but, since Melissa already did that and I agree with her on all accounts. I will write about what Kristen means to me.

Kristen and I have been best of friends for a long time. We went to the same school however, we didn't really hang out but, would say "hi" to each other in the hall. After school ended we become very close. I remember to this day calling her at like 1AM to come pick me up at "The nets" (a hang out spot in Arab). Of course no questions ask here she came......At this time she was prego with Carson (HELLO she is a much better person then I am.....I would be like "this better be good because I'm getting out of bed") So, she came and we drove around for hours and listen to Tiffany "I think we're alone now...doesn't seem to be anyone around....." I had to leave my car at "The net" until everyone was gone.....I "thought" I was making my "X" wonder where I was because my car was there but, NO ME......WOW I tell you what I was "SMART". LOL. That was during the time of my high school boyfriend break up. Then we lost touch for a couple of years and during a VERY HARD time for me she comes into my life again. Just at the right time, Like an angel. And we were BFF. We would go out and made some of the BEST memories I have of the two us. As I type this and "replaying" some the memories I can't help but, laugh and smile (and think "What were we thinking). During this time I owe her my life and I will always be grateful for everything that she did for me during this time. No one will EVER understand what she did for me. She was my strength, my rock, and most important HONEST with me when everyone around me was lying. THANK YOU Kristen - I owe you more then I could ever give you. Then she got married to Josh (which I was so upset.......My "sidekick" was getting married) But, If she was happy then I was happy for her. Long story short she means the world to me and we have been in UPS and DOWNS together and our friendship just gets better. We are "somewhat" honest with each other (Ok, so I have to tell you K10 I just got a address stamper a couple of weeks But, you know it won't be me if I didn't have two of everything. Thomas likes the one you got us more anyway!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!) OK, so we are very honest with each other!!!!! Since I was an only child I look at Kristen, Jessica (her sister) and Hayley as my sister. They are the closest thing I have to ever having a sister. I look forward to many new memories as we grow older!!!!!

My friend, My sister, My hero, My bestie - Kristen - Happy Birthday!

Below is a picture taken at my wedding of all of us....

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Well, today I have been really busy and doing WORK?? Which I hate when people just hand it off. Example someone has e-mail the "old PCO" and they sent a message please send all requests to Teri Brandon......REALLY! I don't know anything about this new project and the person wants me to "please advise" - I HATE it when people do that. Just tell me what the problem is and I will try to fix it. Don't say "please advise" I can advise but, it may not be what you need.......

Last night - We had something really crazy happen to us. Thomas and I are looking into expanding our house (our house not family). We need to get a tree cut back and we (Well, Thomas) called a place I found in a mail out. So he called and left a message saying "My name is Thomas Brandon and I was wanting someone to come look at tree that needs to be cut back and a price. My number is ___" Well we were outside and we got a message. We listen to it and it's this guy yelling at us about something we have no idea. He saying he is going to call the BBB and how dare us call him. He wants his $3,000 and he will be taking us to court and calling the cops on us. And then he stats something about and "your wife". Ok people I yell at a lot of people but, I remember who I yell at. So, I tell Thomas you need to call that number back. He did and the guy starts yelling at him some more.......I was like Thomas tell him your name. He did and then says I think you have the wrong number. I haven't had any work done on my house. Then he asks what his name was and it's the guy we called from the mail out. Thomas was like "man I called you to come out to my house to price trimming a tree back" He was then like "I think I may have the wrong number...then goes on to I hope I can still do business with you" I was in the background saying NO! Thomas told the man My wife wasn't please with the message that was left and she doesn't want to do business with you......If I had my own business and I was owed $3,000 I would be upset too. However, I would not leave what kind of message that guy left. He treated us and our family (well the guy who owned him money). I was so MAD about it and I WISH Thomas would have let me get the phone. I would have told a few things. And if I had a couple thousand dollars around I would take him to court...With that message the guy he is after can take him to court. I swear people don't think sometimes.

Happy B-day Month to K10 -

Monday, April 27, 2009

weekend recap.

Thomas and I stayed around Huntsville this weekend. Friday night we went to visit Gigi (which she got to go home on Saturday). Like every other day we went to visit it was 9:30 before we left. Saturday morning I got up and started washing clothes (True Life.....The Brandon's) and getting ready for AJ and Nicole. Thomas went to play golf with AJ. So, Nicole and I went to get out "toes done" and shop for a little. We then get a call saying go pick up the dogs we are spending the night with them. So we went to pick them up and as we were driving back to my house I remember I don't have any keys to my house. So, we call them and they are on hole 14 so we went to Petsmart and walked around. Then to pick them up (a lot in between but, to much to type). Then we started making dinner ate and everyone went to sleep watching TV. It was a long day for everyone. Thomas gets up at 5:30AM and starts watching TV (HELLO! not a good idea when your wife is still asleep) I told him to go to the computer and let me sleep. Then made some lunch and watch the race. By the time the race went off my shows were coming on......It was a fun weekend it just went by TOO FAST!

Monday - I had lunch with K10 and Melissa!! It was fun to catch up on everything and I got a cool gift from K10! Thanks girl!!! I can't wait to use it! I have been trying to watch what I eat and since I could not fit in any of my shorts this weekend and will be going to the beach in a couple of weeks I will be drinking water and eating salads or soup (well I get ONE coke a are going to sign up to a gym tonight so wish me luck on losing 20 pounds!!!!

Happy B-day month to K10!

Friday, April 24, 2009

happy friday.

Friday - I just love Friday's!!!! I always look forward to the weekends. Last night Thomas stayed with Gigi so I had the house to myself. I didn't know what to do.... I washed some clothes and put some clean clean clothes up. I'm sure Thomas's dad and uncle will be staying with us some this weekend so I will rush home after work to pick up the house. I so need a maid again.
This will be a sad weekend for me. Once again I will be missing the race. Below is a "back in the day picture of April Race weekend"


Once again - Happy B-day month to K10!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

as the hours turn.

Here I am at work waiting and watching for the clock to turn 5:00. I have once again done nothing today at work. Well, I did work for a little bit but, why should I rush myself to get something done when it doesn't matter and my boss hates me no matter what I do?? Whatever I do I can not please her. So, I think again why should I try?? I mean I have blogs to read, photo books to make, craft ideas to get, and shopping I can all do from my computer and get paid for...HELLO!!! This afternoon I will be going to Hallmark (my fav place) to pick up all the cards I need for May. I also need to pick up something for mom my for mothers day. We have already got Freda's gift......Hey people I have nothing to do at work......I have already got most of all the gifts for all the baby showers we will be having to attend this summer and wedding gifts....What did people do before the web at work??

This week has been a busy week outside of work. Gigi has been in the hospital for the past 12 days. She went off the deep end the other day saying crazy things because she was getting of the meds and that is a side effect. She was saying she ran away and that she is staying in this apartment (please note she just move from ICU to a normal for free for 3 nights. She said they just gave it to her because of how she was mistreated (which she was was all a dream). The Dr.'s were staying in the yellow house.....She said she was only 15 mins aways from home and wanted her purse so she could just leave. The nurse said you are more then 15 mins. away...Gigi says "I may be dumb but, I'm not blind lady" (my fav) Well, she is back to her old self and not saying crazy things anymore so that is good!!! But, I did like the FREE comedy act.

This weekend nothing really planned just staying in town to keep an eye on Gigi and watch the Race. Maybe one day I will be able to go again. A picture of the good times.

BTW - Happy B-day month K10!


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1. What is your name? Teri
2. What is your favorite food? Mac-n-cheese
3. What is your hometown? Arab, AL
4. What is your favorite color? Pink
5. What is your favorite movie? The Notebook
6. What is your favorite drink? Coke
7. What is your dream vacation spot? Pradise
8. What is your favorite dessert? Oreo Blast from DQ
9. What is one word to describe yourself? cheerful
10. How are you feeling right now? Relaxed
11. What do you love most in the world? My Mom, Thomas, & the Lord above
12. What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be a stay at home wife/mother

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Friday, April 17, 2009


Well, since the last time I have posted it has been busy. I thought when I got out of school and finally finished I would have more time on my hands. Well, that hasn't been the case but, I enjoy being busy. We had a great and busy Easter weekend with the family. Also, Friday night I was girls night Dinner in Arab. Below is a picture of all of us at V!'s in Arab.

That's all the news I have...........

Friday, April 10, 2009


We have had such a busy couple of weeks. Friday night Thomas went out with one of his friend's (Alex) downtown. I dropped them off and then at 2AM went back and picked them up. Things have changed since I was last there. It was so funny watching everyone leave Sammy T's and I was thinking "that was me" back in the day. Here are some pics of my Sammy T's days.....

Me and Hayley front row!! The only way!!! Below is me and Kristen leaving at 2AM for some reason we never thought the place was closed until the lights would come on and they would kick us out!!!!

Fun Times...Love my girls!!

When I got to downtown, the road I always take was closed so I did get lost (Hello! How long have I been going downtown and living in Huntsville??) but, that is another issue for another day..... So I finally got to them and pick them up and headed back home. By the time we got home is was around 2:30AM and we had to get up REALLY early the next day!!!

Saturday - Was moving day for Kristen and Josh. So we headed to Arab @ 8AM that morning. It was a long day and we are stilling hurting from all the moving. But, It was a fun day. Us girls (Melissa, Kristen, and me) gossip the hole time we were moving (it's called multi-tasking - Josh!). When I said we would help move I thought the meaning of "move" was load the truck and unload the truck.....However Kristen defines the word "move" as packing the house, load the truck, unload the truck, and put away!!! I will remember that when they ask us to help next time! BTW - We will be at the beach that weekend (not sure what weekend it will be but, I'm sure we will be out of We didn't get home until 10:45pm that night but, we were active and not being lazy so that was good!

Sunday - We got up around 9AM and went to the Spring Market. I love crafts and getting new ideas. I plan to go again next year!! We had some lunch then headed back home to wash clothes and get ready for the week.

This week has been busy but, slow. Have you ever had one of those weeks? I wasn't busy at work just surf the web, facebook, and anything else I could do for my 8 hours. I left during lunch to go home and sew. I had 7 towel wraps to monogram for my friends wedding party gifts. So, I finished those and I'm very please with them. I hope she likes them!! I will post a picture soon....If you have monogramming needs let me know I will be happy to do it! Then I had to do some bibs that Jessica gave me. I got about half of them done during the week then last night my needle kept breaking so after the 2nd needle I was done for the night....Maybe I will finish the other half next week. Again I will post some pictures!

Weekend plans - Well, it's Easter and we have a busy weekend. Thomas left for Fort Payne this morning around 6:45AM. He is getting new tires put on his car and getting something fix on the inside. Then he is going to help his dad do some stuff around the house. GiGi (Thomas's Grandmother (His dad's mother)) is in ICU. She has been having trouble breathing. They found a blood clot around her heart so they gave her some meds to help with that. They will look at it again in 6 weeks and go in and shock her heart. So, Thomas stop by to see her in the hospital. Please keep her in your prayers and thoughts. I have plans with some girls for dinner in Arab tonight and I can't wait!! Then I'm off to Fort Payne. I plan on getting up and shopping around Fort Payne to use some of my gift cards that we got for our wedding (I'm not a good gift card person I hold onto them and I hope to drop off the towel wraps to my friend. Saturday is also Brandon Family Easter so we will get to see the fam and then watch Preston play baseball that evening. Sunday church with his parents and then off to Arab to see my fam. It's stressful just writing it down.......Then I need to wash clothes and clean the house sometime (we will be getting our maid back after I pay off my credit card which will be at the end of May!!)...I'm tried just looking at everything we have to do this weekend.

Hope everyone has a Wonderful Easter!!!