Tuesday, December 8, 2009

what up my peeps.

I really don't have much to say today other then I am almost finished with all my Christmas shopping. I just have a few things to pick and then onto wrapping!

T and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Sunday afternoon was with my family at my grandmothers house. We stayed to catch up with Chris and Jana and then went over to Mom's house to pick up a few things she got us. Next was Wednesday night with the Brandon Family for Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time and play a game with Scott, Katie, Freda, and Robert until midnight. Anna Kate told us we needed to use our inside voice because she was trying to go to sleep in Nana's room. We got back to Huntsville on Thanksgiving Day around 3:00ish and was off to get our Christmas Tree at Wal-Mart but, our South end Wal-Mart didn't have any. I was so upset because we were going to be so busy that weekend that we weren't going to have time but, we got one Sunday night. Below is a picture from "The Hair Shop" the kids did at Thanksgiving.

I recently was asked to be apart of a bunco group in Huntsville and we had our 1st meeting a couple of weeks ago. I met 11 new people that night and had a wonderful time!!! Our 1st "real" game is next month and I can't wait!!! I also had another girls night this past Friday with my good friends Shelana, Dana, Tab, and Brandi. It's crazy how we just talk to night away. We always find so much to talk about and then the next time we look at our watch it's 11:30 at night. Saturday was a fun day with The Akins (without the cat lady drama). T got up to watch Preston play at 10:00am and I went to pick up a few Christmas gifts then met them for lunch. Katie and I went to the Marketplace in Hampton cove for some shopping and then back to Preston's game. After we finished with that we went to "Target" (the kids with Nana and Poppy) and Katie and I went to try to adopt this cat from New Leash on Life. Well, they didn't like the fact that Katie lived an 1 1/2 away and that they couldn't do a home visit. And the lady who keeps the cat is this old lady who had never had kids or married so you can image. I'm not going to get into this because it will only make mad again. So, they didn't get the cat (because you know Katie can raise 4 kids but, she just doesn't know how to raise a cat to live it's full life). WHATEVER. We also went to see the lights which was wonderful!!! Stopping on our way home for dinner. Saturday was a long day we were so tried. Sunday we were lazy!!!

Upcoming events!

Getting my hair done (which needs it bad)

Girls Christmas Dinner at Surin!! YEPPIE!!

Shearer and Associates Christmas Party

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day!!!

We just booked our stuff for The Lodge for New Year's!! I need to find something cute to wear!!!


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