Thursday, December 17, 2009

nothing new

Really nothing new. Just looking forward to the weekend. T and I have started doing P90X and we are in Day 4 (Yoga X tonight). I'm not looking forward to downward dog, warrior, child pose, and whatever he give us. Just not a Yoga kind of person and our workout tonight is 90 mins. Will I make?? Only 87 more days to go on P90X!! Which I am losing weight and hope to get to my goal weight by the end of it. Wish me luck! We timed it just right we will finish our P90X the day before we leave for our Ski Trip so we will be in shape and need a week off! This after I'm getting my hair done and then meeting AJ & Nicole at Tokyo for AJ's b-day Dinner. T and I are looking forward to some Tokyo and ofcourse seeing AJ & Nicole. Tomorrow is Girls Night Out Dinner at Surin and I can't wait to see everyone and have a drink! Then Saturday morning have a few places to run and then it's my work Christmas Party. I'm also thinking about running in 5K but just THINKING - I will figure that out Friday. I have never had a work Christmas Party and I can't wait. Open bar, free dinner, dirty Santa, and band. Yeppie! Sunday I will just relax and hopefully get all my wrapping done because it will be really busy next week. How is everyone doing on Christmas shopping?

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  1. I'm done w/shopping!! can't wait to see you tonight :)