Friday, December 18, 2009


Well, dinner last night was wonderful ofcourse I was late because my hair appt. latest until 5:30pm. They sang the birthday song to AJ which was pretty funny because the cook behind us was broken it down dancing. After dinner we rushed home to Day 4 of P90X the one I hate (Yoga X) it's an hour and a half workout. We lasted 30 mins until I got sick from all the food intake from Tokyo. So we just stopped and will do it Sunday along with our other workout (great 3 hours of workout on Sunday...looking forward to it). Anyway, I weighed myself this morning and let's just say I will be working out more to make up dinner last night, tonight and tomorrow night. I got up this morning before work and ran on my treadmill. Thinking it would make me feel better about eating so much last night. Well it didn't. Oh well......So onto events and news.

Tonight I'm meeting up with about 12 girls for dinner at Surin!!! I just love that place and haven't been in such a long time. I am counting down the hours until I can leave. However, I have a few stops to make on my way there.

After dinner depending on the time Thomas and I may go bowling with Nicole and AJ (Happy Birthday you old man...he is a B-I-G 24).......Just depends on everything. Then after bowling we will need to do Day 5 of P90X (Legs & Back and AB X) and address all 150 Christmas Cards.

Saturday I am thinking about running in the 5K but, I think it will be cold and raining so I'm just going to "pretend" I signed up and run at home on my treadmill. Then I have to do something around town (it's the last weekend before Christmas), mail my Christmas Cards, get stamps (I need to start a list), wrap my gift for my work party, workout Day 6 of P90X and ofcourse attend my work Christmas party where I will have to give a speech.....but they will have an open bar!!!!

Sunday will be around the house - wash clothes, finish up all my sewing/craft projects and picking up around the house. And ofcourse Day 7 of P90X.

Next week I'm going to "try" to work 3 10's so I only have to work 2 hours on Christmas Eve. And Christmas Eve is PAYDAY for me!!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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  1. yah. can't wait to see you tonight either! you should update your blog often as me. :) love you dear!