Wednesday, November 25, 2009

long time.

So it has been such a long time. So many changes have happen. Let's see.......
Aug 2009
We had a Wedding Shower for Crystal & Nick and then the World's Largest Yard Sale in Fort Payne. Which we had someone run over Thomas's parents mailbox. I was in the middle of the road yelling "Stop Her" "Get her plate number". I call the cops with the plate number but of course they didn't do anything. Then off to Nashville for some FUN TIMES!!! Then the BIG 10-year with my AHS high school friends!! Not many came but it was still a great time!!! Then Thomas and I went on our 1st cruise to the Bahamas. It was SO PRETTY and FUN!!!. I also changed jobs in the middle this busy August. Below are some pictures.

Sept 2009

Sept was also a busy month for us. We had Crystal and Nick's wedding which I was wedding planner and director (aka "the boss). It was a stressful weekend (more stressful then my own wedding). Then off to Nashville again for Jessica's Birthday. It was fun to hang out with Kristen, Josh, MM, and Jessica however, I wasn't 110%. I was sick all week and still wasn't feeling very well that weekend. But I was a trooper!!! Then it was off the T-town for some Alabama football. The hotel room was not the best but, we still had a wonderful time with Courtney and The Skippers!!

Oct 2009

Oct is always a sad month for me because my Mimi passed away in Oct a couple of years ago and I'm still trying to get over it. It's crazy I can still hear her voice and smell her. When I'm stress I will just ask her to be with me and then I smell something that smells just like her!!! It's crazy. We made a trip down to the Shrimp Festival. It was very hot and rained on us for a little bit. We just had fun getting to see everyone. Then comes Halloween. We were invited to an adult Halloween party which was loads of fun. It was 2 am before we left! Time flies when your having fun. Then our normal Trick or Treat at Gigi's. It was nice to not have to worry about going to work the next day!!!!

Nov 2009

November has been pretty quiet. On my day off for Veterans Day (Thank you veterans for everything you do for our freedom!!) my mom and I went shopping. I got a few Christmas gifts!!! Then that Friday we left for Green Bay. We were going to visit a couple we met over a year ago on our honeymoon! They had Green Bay tickets for us and we had such a great time with them. AJ was the cook all weekend!!! It was our 1st NFL game and I we LOVED it!!! Then this past weekend we had Thanksgiving at my grandmother's house!!! Love her food!!!! Upcoming events - Brandon Family Thanksgiving tonight. Getting a Christmas tree and getting the house ready for Christmas!! Then the BIG GAME!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

So that is all in the Life of the Brandon's!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!