Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So, what have "The Brandon's" been up too? Well lets see. I stayed home the weekend of July 10 and Thomas went to Fort Payne to help his did do some things around his house. We (when I say we it really means Thomas) have been working on the guest bathroom. We got a new light for the bathroom and when Mr. Electric came to the house to fix our attic fan he put that new light up too! It updates that bathroom so much. We painted last night so we just need to put another coat on....Can you Guess what color?? YELLOW!!! It's like the yellow house inside in and out!! LOL. When the hole house get done it will be better and not as much YELLOW!!!! I got the zebra shower curtain from pottery barn and I have some other ideas for the bathroom. I can't wait for my vision to come together and I can show it off!!! Last weekend we went to Fort Payne so I could attend a wedding shower. My friend Crystal is getting married in Sept. I just love her and wish I could do more for her. She lost both her parents at 19. How sad is that. I don't want I would have done if my mom wasn't at my wedding and helping me plan. I'm just trying to be there for her and help in anyway I can. She is such a giving, wonderful, sweet, and loving person. Her soon to be Hubby is a wonderful person too. They make such a great couple. We got to eat dinner with them both Friday night and I spent the day with Crystal Saturday. While Thomas help his dad. She got lots of gifts - took 3 cars to get everything back to her house....LOL!!! Still can't wait to see the bacon cooker in action. I have had dreams about that thing.

This past Monday was my grandmothers birthday. She is such a sweet person and so 1940's can of lady. I just love her so much and wish I could visit with her more. No words can explain the type of person she is.......

Today - Wednesday I have a spa day that Thomas planned for me. I will be leaving work at 3:00!!! It can't come fast enough. I went and ran this running trail Tuesday afternoon with a co-worker who is a big runner (She says she hasn't ran in over a year - REALLY because you passed me....). But, I finished the 3 miles even if I walk the last mile and a half. But, I am hurting today from that run!

This weekend we are working around the house. It's crazy - I have been trying to clean out closets and what is funny my way of cleaning is not like everyone else. I like to take EVERYTHING out and then clean and put we have clothes EVERY WHERE. I have got to finish this this weekend because we will be on the move the next 7 weeks and won't have time.

If anyone is in town Saturday night we are going to Sports Page to listen to Uglistick!!! Hope to see some peeps!

Monday, July 6, 2009

What's up?

Ok, so it has been a while since I have posted. Not much new just going to the beach a lot and finishing the ceilings in the house. Towards the end of June we went to the beach to met up with our "honeymoon" friends that we met last year. We finished the ceiling in the guest bathroom - We hope to have it painted by this weekend and put back together. Then we took mom to the beach over Forth of July weekend. It's been a busy life but, we like to "live up" while we can!!!

Pictures below.
June Beach trip to met up with AJ & Holly!

Bathroom ceiling!
July 4th Weekend - Beach with Mom!