Wednesday, May 6, 2009

anything else.

Well lets start with this past weekend.
It has been crazy raining around these parts. And anyone who knows me I don't like bad weather. Friday around 5:00 (leaving work time) the bottom came out of the sky. My sweet hubby picked me up at the door at work (which still go wet) and drove me to my car at the back of the parking lot. He gets out and gets into my car to drive home because I didn't want to get out in the rain again. He is the BEST!!! Well, the roads are flooding and I/we were only driving like 10mph. It took us 45 mins to get home on a 10 min drive tops. It was crazy. Of course we were leaving for my graduation in "lower Alabama" but, we needed to pack and we didn't want to leave until the rain stop a little. As we were talking in the bedroom about what we need to pack and what the plan was we hear a dripping noise. Yes people we had a leak in our ceiling. So we had to move all the stuff out of the living and into the dining room. I called a good friend of mine to come check on the house since we will be gone all weekend. But, that was not good enough for Thomas. He went to check it out and found where the water was coming from. He calls his dad and tries something - didn't work, then goes to Lowe's to get something else - didn't work. Don't forget we need to leave for "lower Alabama" tonight. To make the long story short we finally left the house for the 3 hours car ride at 9:00pm. It was a long day that was for sure.

Saturday - My mom calls me to eat breakfast at 8:30am. Footnote she had ask the night before and I told her I will be sleeping but, Thomas said he would eat with her. Somehow I had to go....After breakfast nap time (note we didn't get into the hotel until 11:30 then had to deal with high school kids tearing the place I said long story.) Then off to graduation. We had to be there by 1:00 so it was good to see everyone from class and all happy and not stressed. After our not even hour long graduation (which was wonderful!!) we went to eat with my parents. Below I have some pics!
Me and Mom

Me and my step dad

Me and my hubby

Sunday - Will update when I have pics.

This week we have been busy - We both haven't left work before 6:00 all week. Last night we went over the The Webb's new house and got to visit with some great friends and went to dinner.

This weekend - Big plans!! This Friday is Thomas's b-day so we are going to ATL. His uncle Mike are taking us out to dinner Friday night and to the Comedy Club which will be so much fun! Saturday - Six Flags here we come - Let's hope for no rain!!! Then on our way home we will stop in Fort Payne and Arab to visit with the mothers!!!